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We’re Holiday Dhamaal, a tour operator and travel agent that work for to passionat travellers, bring life-changing touring experiences and discovering new places.

Just go! to see all the beauty in the world

We turn your ordinary journey into exciting and memorable trip. We look forward to seeing different backgrounds such as historical, culture, religious, adventure and many other aspects. We play the role of your guide to look at the unique and unknown things.Holiday Dhamaal provides travellers with everything they need to plan and thoughtfully created tours and their itineraries, guides and travel experts are Always ready.

We always adopt the ways in which your journey is easy and fun so that anyone can make their dreams vacations

Keep calm & travelling on

Share your desire to travel, we will tell you when and where you should be. Just make your dreams come true.

Commit to travel

Do not compromise your wishes, On Holiday Dhamaal you will find appropriate activities for all ages and interests.

When in doubt, travel

Find the best options where you want to go.

Started by a team of 2

After 9 years of long working experience, Ramswar founded Holiday Dhamaal with his colleague.

A very small but revolutionary start up gave approach to Holiday Dhamaal with the aim of making it easy, exciting and fun to travel for domestic and foreign tourist.

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Whatever you need, we’re always ready.